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The following instructions are essential to a safe experience and good outcome. Use this as a checklist as you approach your surgery date. If you are unable to comply with these instructions, you must notify our office as soon as possible. As a result, your surgery may have to be postponed or delayed.

• Practice proper fitness: You need not to engage in an aggressive or new fitness routine; however, practicing good fitness habits is an important factor in your overall health and well-being
• Good Nutrition: Eat well during the weeks prior to surgery. Crash dieting, over-eating or high alcohol intake can greatly affect your overall health and well-being. Drink plenty of fluids.
• Stop Smoking: Smoking can greatly impair your ability to heal. You must be nicotine and smoke-free for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. You must also be free of any nicotine patch or nicotine-based products for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to surgery.
• Lead a healthy lifestyle: In the weeks prior to surgery maintain the best of health and hygiene. A lingering cold, virus or other illness can result in your surgery being rescheduled. Make certain to address any illness immediately, and advise our office of any serious illness or change in your health.
• Prepare and Plan: Schedule any time off of work, and any support you will need at home, especially for the first 24 hours following the surgery.
• Pre-Operative Testing: Make certain to schedule all of the pre-operative testing and clearance you have been asked.
• Relax and enjoy life: Stress and anxiety over life’s daily events, and even your planned surgery can affect you. While some anxiety is common, any serious stress, or distress over the thought of surgery is something you must discuss with our office. We are here to support you and answer all of your questions. We want your decision to be one made with confidence.
• Fill your prescriptions: Some pain medication prescriptions may need to be filled ON THE DAY these prescriptions are written. Our office will advise you accordingly. Also you will receive an antibiotic prescription to take the day before the surgery, so make sure you to fill the prescription in time.
• Stop taking the following for the duration before your surgery. Taking any of the following can increase your risk of bleeding and other complications:
– Aspirin and medication containing aspirin – Vitamin E, Vitamin D
– Ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory agents – Green Tea
– Estrogen Supplements – St. John’s Wort
– Fish Oil – Omega 3
– Flax Seed – All other medications indicated

If you need pain medication you can use TYLENOL.

• Vital Information: A pre-operative visitor call is essential to review your health, your goals, and any vital information including allergies and health considerations.
• Fitness: Don’t over-do it. Avoid anything strenuous or that could potentially cause injury.
• Avoid sun exposure: Sun damaged skin can more readily produce irregular scars or cause pigmentation irregularities following surgery

• Confirm your day of surgery plans: This includes your transportation and after-care ( a responsible adult for the first 24 hours, around the clock)
• Review your prescription orders and instructions.
• Purchase Sterile Gauze and Surgical Tape: You will use it to cover the incisions.
• Purchase Antibiotic Ointment
• Purchase any Compression garment required. You may wish to purchase more than one garment for laundering purposes.
• Confirm all lab results and paperwork have been received by the clinic, if you have not already done so.
• Continue to practice healthy habits, nutrition and fitness. No strenuous exercise. No saunas, hot tubs, steam baths or mud wraps. No smoking or alcohol.
• Relax. Call our office with any unusual anxiety or concerns. Get plenty of rest. If you have trouble sleeping call our office.

• Pack your bag for the day of the surgery. This should include:
– All paperwork – Reading Glasses
– All prescription medication – Your identification – *Saltines or other crackers in case of nausea during your ride home

• RELAX! Get plenty of rest and avoid unnecessary stress.

• Do not wear jewelry of any kind, contact lenses, hair clips, body piercing
• Wear comfortable, clean, loose-fitting clothing: Do not wear jeans or any tight-fitting bottom; rather have a pair of loose, drawstring sweatpants to wear home. You may wear a robe. Wear slip on, flat shoes with a slip proof sole; no heels. Wear clean cotton socks, as the operating room can feel cool. For your comfort, wear a zip or button front top. No turtlenecks.
• Take your blood pressure medication and beta-blockers in the morning
• Antibiotic: Start taking the antibiotic prescribed by your doctor. This was prescribed to prevent infection. Take 1 Capsule the night before your surgery.
• Fasting! Please have nothing to eat or drink after 12 midnight – Before day of surgery
• I have read and understand all of the above instructions. I understand that following these instructions is solely my responsibility. I understand that it is also my responsibility to ask my doctor and his or her staff any questions I have related to these instructions or about my procedure, health and healing.

Before surgery you will need to buy:
– Sterile Gauze – For after showers with antibiotic ointment and tape
– Maxi pads For 1st 24 hours, please change as they get full
– Surgical tape No Waterproof tape
– Waterproof band-aids For Showers only (please dry yourself and remove them)
– Antibiotic ointment Neosporin. Triple Antibiotic, etc
– Arnica Cream/ Gel For bruising, BUT NOT ON BUTTOCKS
– Compression Garment Make sure it is not very tight the first day
– Extra-Strength Tylenol Backup plan, incase Tramadol gives you nausea
– Antibiotic prescription Prescription will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice
– Ice Packs For Lipo Areas Only, not on Fat Transfers
– Surgical Soap Dial Orange Antibacterial Soap or Hibiclens
– Antihistamines Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritin, etc. For itching during recovery
– Compression Socks or Ted Hose

• A week before the surgery avoid taking Ibuprofen ( Advil, Aleve, Motrin) and any other anti-inflammatory drugs, Aspirin and aspirin-containing medications, Estrogen Supplements, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Omega 3, Flax Seed, Green Tea, Diet pills

• Start taking the antibiotic (Cephalexin or Cipro) the night before the surgery

• If you are on blood pressure medication and/or beta-blockers, you can take it in the morning before the surgery

• Fasting! – Please have nothing to eat or drink after 12 midnight – Before the day of surgery.

• Must drink a lot of water after surgery to prevent dehydration, while flushing out numbing fluids!!!

• Can’t shower until 24hrs. after surgery!

• Do not take off your garment by yourself the 1st time.