Medical Grade Chemical Peel

As we age our skin can became dull and listless. Acne, sun damage, exposure to the elements, and simple aging all combine to create fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and other imperfections that can detract from our appearance and affect our self-confidence.

Medical grade chemical peels can help combat these signs of aging, revealing softer, more youthful looking skin after just one treatment. Chemical peels are non-surgical, effective, and provide long-lasting benefits.

How Medical Grade Chemical Peels Work

Medical grade chemical peels can be used as part of a skin rejuvenation program, to maintain results of another procedure or treatment, or to restore your youthful glow. They are often the first line of defense for patients who want to combat signs of aging without resorting to injections or fillers, but they are also sought by people who want to minimize the appearance of acne scars or sun damage.

Chemical peels speed up the skin’s natural exfoliation process by helping to remove the top layer of skin. This has the dual effect of removing dead skin cells and prompting the skin to being a healing process. During this healing process, collagen is produced, thickening the skin and helping it to repair itself with fresh, new skin cells.

Benefits Of Chemical Peels

A medical grade chemical peel is a skin rejuvenation or skin resurfacing treatment that improves the texture of your skin. It does this by removing the top layers of dead skin cells, revealing smoother, supple, and softer-looking skin.

The chemical peel can be applied to any part of the body though they are typically used on the face or just a specific problem area of the face. While in place, the rejuvenating peel exfoliates the uppermost layer of damaged skin cells, revealing the fresher, healthier skin underneath. The benefits of a rejuvenating peel go beyond mere cosmetics. A rejuvenation chemical peel helps to:

  • Improve the overall health and appearance of your skin.
  • Reduce skin blemishes that result from acne, aging or environmental damage.
  • Repair and regenerate your skin as it cleanses your pores.
  • Treat sun damage, pigment discoloration, acne scarring and more.
  • Smooth rough skin.

There are a number of different kinds of medical grade chemical peels. Some use lactic acid, others use glycolic acid and still others use salicylic acid. Our doctors will conduct a thorough skin evaluation and discuss your skin issues with you to determine the best chemical peel for your needs and skin type.

What To Expect Afterwards

Medical grade chemical peels are stronger than other face treatments, like an exfoliating facial, for example. Some types of peels can cause mild redness, crusting, and stinging for a few days afterwards, but you won’t experience any significant downtime. A few days after your procedure, your skin will have calmed down and you will see fresher, smoother, younger-looking skin.

Most patients require follow-up peels to achieve the best results. Lighter peels are usually done as a series of 3 or 4 peels to achieve desired results. Stronger peels last longer, but may not be suitable for all skin types.

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