Permanent Makeup

If you have ever wished you could skip your makeup routine in the morning or wanted makeup that won’t run in the sun or in water, permanent makeup deserves consideration.

Permanent makeup is a type of cosmetic tattooing. Also referred to as micro-pigmentation, derma-pigmentation, or permanent cosmetics, permanent makeup uses tattooing techniques and instruments to apply pigment under the skin to resemble makeup and enhance facial features.

EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa is excited to offer this cosmetic service to our clients!

Where Can Permanent Makeup Be Applied?

Permanent makeup is commonly applied to:

  • Lips
  • Cheeks/blush area
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner
  • Scar correction

You can still use everyday makeup in addition to permanent makeup if you’d like, but many patients are able to skip certain parts of their everyday makeup routine once they have permanent makeup.

How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

Permanent makeup lasts longer than microblading, but not forever. Pigment typically lasts for 3-5 years depending on the depth of color used initially, the patient’s body chemistry, and how his/her skin responds to the pigmentation.

Are There Complications?

Permanent makeup is implanted into the skin in the dermis layer. This is not quite as deep as a traditional tattoo. Complications are similar to what you may experience with traditional tattooing and include skin sensitivity during the procedure, allergic reactions to the pigments, and blistering after the procedure.

Advantages of Having Permanent Makeup Applied By EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa

There are several advantages to having EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa technicians apply your permanent makeup. The biggest reasons are comfort and safety. As a licensed medical spa, we are regularly inspected for safety and cleanliness. You are assured of a clean and safe environment, the use of high-quality, safe pigments that will not break down over time into dangerous minerals, and comfort procedures like numbing of the areas to be pigmented.

As a medical spa, we are well-trained in identifying early signs of an allergic reaction or skin condition and will stop the procedure if we are at all concerned about a reaction we see. We require anyone who is interested in permanent makeup to undergo a comprehensive consultation in our clinic to identify areas of possible concern and discuss the suitability of permanent makeup for your situation.

Contact Enlighten Skin & Body Medspa To Arrange A Permanent Makeup Consultation

If you have ever wished your cheeks or lips had a little more color, you wanted to enhance your eyes, or you are interested in simplifying your morning routine, it’s time to consider permanent makeup. When applied in a safe environment like EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa, you can achieve the results you’re looking for without sacrificing comfort or quality.

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